Add Your Site to our Newsfeeds

Want to see your content appear on our Player pages? You may have noticed that each Hockey Reference player page has a Player News section. Here's how your articles can appear there.


  • We can reject a website or feed for any reason. We also reserve the right to remove or block spammy content at any time.
  • No profanity or vulgarity in the title. The title of the post appears on We will attempt to censor potentially offensive content from appearing on Sports Reference pages.
  • To prevent Sports Reference from using a post, don't have any links to our sites or include the following in the post. <!-- NOINDEX -->
  • Your RSS feed must include the text of the articles in order for us to pull out the player ID's you link to.
  • In general, we will check your rss feed every hour and use the first 10 posts we find and the first 15 player id's in each post.
  • Anyone found to be using this service in a spammy way will be immediately blocked.
  • Only links in posts trigger this feature. Links in comments will not.

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