Lethbridge Broncos (WHL) Alumni

Complete list of alums who have played in the NHL.

Name Pos Birthplace Nat. NHL Years GP G A PTS PIM W SV% SO Draft Info
Sakic, JoeCBurnaby, BCCA1988-20091378625101616416141987-1 (15) by QUE
Trottier, BryanCVal Marie, SKCA1975-1994127952490114259121974-2 (22) by NYI
Sutter, BrentCViking, ABCA1980-1998111136346682910541980-1 (17) by NYI
Sutter, RonCViking, ABCA1982-2001109320533053513541982-1 (4) by PHI
Rouse, BobDSurrey, BCCA1983-200010613718121815591982-4 (80) by MNS
Diduck, GeraldDEdmonton, ABCA1984-20019325615621216121983-1 (16) by NYI
Murray, TroyCCalgary, ABCA1981-19969152303545848751980-3 (57) by CHI
Sutter, RichRWViking, ABCA1982-199587414916631514111982-1 (10) by PIT
Moller, RandyDRed Deer, ABCA1982-19958154518022516921981-1 (11) by QUE
Sutter, BrianLWViking, ABCA1976-198877930333363617861976-2 (20) by STL
Sutter, DuaneRWViking, ABCA1979-199073113920334213331979-1 (17) by NYI
Ruff, LindyD/LWWarburg, ABCA1979-199169110519530012661979-2 (32) by BUF
Tinordi, MarkDRed Deer, ABCA1987-1999663521482001514
Loney, TroyLWBow Island, ABCA1983-19956248711019710931982-3 (52) by PIT
Barr, DaveRWToronto, ONCA1981-1994614128204332520
Wregget, KenGBrandon, MBCA1983-200057502424182225.88591982-3 (45) by TOR
Tambellini, SteveCTrail, BCCA1978-19885531601503101051978-1 (15) by NYI
Delorme, RonCNorth Battleford, SKCA1976-198552483831666671975-4 (56) by KCS
More, JayDSouris, MBCA1988-19994061854727021987-1 (10) by NYR
Sutter, DarrylLWViking, ABCA1979-19874061611182792861978-11 (179) by CHI
Saganiuk, RockyRW/CMyrnam, ABCA1978-198425957651222011977-2 (29) by TOR
McGill, RyanDPrince Albert, SKCA1991-1995151415193911987-2 (29) by CHI
Moller, MikeRWCalgary, ABCA1980-1987134152843411980-2 (41) by BUF
Herbers, IanDJasper, ABCA1993-200065055791987-10 (190) by BUF
Oleschuk, BillGEdmonton, ABCA1975-198055000147.87211975-7 (110) by KCS
Ingarfield, EarlCNew York, NYUS1979-19813944822
Hervey, MattDWhittier, CAUS1988-19933505597
Berger, MikeDEdmonton, ABCA1987-198930314671985-4 (69) by MNS
Regier, DarcyDSwift Current, SKCA1977-198426022351976-5 (77) by CGS
Morrison, DougRWVancouver, BCCA1979-1985237310151979-2 (36) by BOS
Henderson, ArchieRWCalgary, ABCA1980-198323314921977-10 (156) by WSH
Boutin, RollieGWestlock, ABCA1978-19812201167.87101977-7 (111) by WSH
Babe, WarrenLWMedicine Hat, ABCA1987-199121257231986-1 (12) by MNS
Nemeth, SteveCCalgary, ABCA1987-19881220221985-10 (196) by NYR
Tidey, AlexRWVancouver, BCCA1976-1980900081975-8 (143) by BUF
Magnan, MarcLWBeaumont, ABCA1982-1983401151981-10 (195) by TOR
Williams, GordRWSaskatoon, SKCA1981-1983200021979-6 (119) by PHI
Smith, VernDWinnipeg, MBCA1984-1985100001982-2 (42) by NYI
Sceviour, DarinRWLacombe, ABCA1986-1987100001984-5 (101) by CHI
Kaese, TrentRWNanaimo, BCCA1988-1989100001985-8 (161) by BUF