Cornwall Royals (OHL) Alumni

Complete list of alums who have played in the NHL.

Name Pos Birthplace Nat. NHL Years GP G A PTS PIM W SV% SO Draft Info
Gilmour, DougCKingston, ONCA1983-20031474450964141413011982-7 (134) by STL
Schneider, MathieuDNew York, NYUS1987-2010128922352074312451987-3 (44) by MTL
Nolan, OwenRWBelfastGB1990-2010120042246388517931990-1 (1) by QUE
Reekie, JoeDVictoria, BCCA1985-20029022513916413261983-7 (124) by HAR
Ray, RobRWStirling, ONCA1989-200490041509132071988-5 (97) by BUF
Sheppard, RayRWPembroke, ONCA1987-20008173573006572121984-3 (60) by BUF
Arniel, ScottLWKingston, ONCA1981-19927301491893385991981-2 (22) by WIN
Stapleton, MikeCSarnia, ONCA1986-2001697711111823421984-7 (132) by CHI
Kyte, JimDOttawa, ONCA1982-199659817496613421982-1 (12) by WIN
VandenBussche, RyanRWSimcoe, ONCA1996-20063101010207021992-8 (173) by TOR
Tabaracci, RickGToronto, ONCA1988-20002860887293.893151987-2 (26) by PIT
Frawley, DanRWSturgeon Falls, ONCA1983-19892733740776741980-10 (204) by CHI
Slaney, JohnDSt. John's, NLCA1993-2004268226991991990-1 (9) by WSH
Stevenson, JeremyLWSan Bernardino, CAUS1995-20062071919384511992-3 (60) by WIN
LaFayette, NathanCNew Westminster, BCCA1993-19991871720371031991-3 (65) by STL
Tomlak, MikeC/LWThunder Bay, ONCA1989-19941411522371031983-11 (208) by TOR
Maltais, SteveLWArvida, QCCA1989-200112091827531987-3 (57) by WSH
Sabourin, KenDScarborough, ONCA1988-19927428102011984-2 (33) by CGY
Duncanson, CraigLWSudbury, ONCA1985-199338549611985-1 (9) by LAK
Courville, LarryLWTimmins, ONCA1995-199833123161993-5 (119) by WIN
Leveque, GuyCKingston, ONCA1992-199417224211991-2 (42) by LAK
Prokopec, MikeRWToronto, ONCA1995-199715000111992-7 (161) by CHI
Letang, AlanDRenfrew, ONCA1999-20031400021993-8 (203) by MTL
Thornbury, TomDLindsay, ONCA1983-198414189161981-3 (49) by PIT
Ware, MichaelRWYork, ONCA1988-19905011151985-3 (62) by EDM
Cirone, JasonCToronto, ONCA1991-1992300021989-3 (46) by WIN
Calder, EricDKitchener, ONCA1981-1983200001981-3 (45) by WSH
Babcock, BobbyDAgincourt, ONCA1990-1993200021986-10 (208) by WSH
Eatough, JeffRWToronto, ONCA1981-1982100001981-4 (80) by BUF